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Brazilian Açaí Bowls

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Sunny Days! Perfect for Açaí Bowls! 🌝💛👙🙌🏼

All I’m thinking is how wonderful life is and how grateful I am to be able to recognize this feeling. I am also grateful for my healthy lifestyle choices. I love eating and I realized that we don’t need to starve ourselves or do crazy diets to feel good about ourselves. For me, a plant based diet allows me to eat delicious and very satisfying meals. 🌱💚 I always have breakfast, lunch, dinner and one to two snacks between meals.

I also have chocolates often. 🍫❤️ The problem is not the cacao, but the refined sugar, preservatives or unhealthy fats behind the chocolates… that’s why I make my own chocolates and desserts with healthy sweeteners like coconut sugar, maple syrup, dates or fruits… Though I have these desserts with moderation. Splitting the portions helps you eating with more moderation and helps train your brain to not eat more than you actually need or to not eat compulsive.
Eating should be a moment that we enjoy ourselves and makes us feel good without any remorse later. 😋

When we have a healthy lifestyle our bodies are capable to detox easily and function better, preventing our bodies from getting diseases. And of course, when we are healthy we can have “those cheat days” and enjoy a birthday cake 🎂 or a pizza 🍕 without feeling guilty because we know next day we will be back eating clean.

Now to the açaí bowls! 😝
A very famous dish in Brazil 🇧🇷! I’m sharing a healthy recipe for a delicious açaí bowl! 💜🍧🍒🍌🥥

You’re rooted in intuition. People trust your advice. You have an appreciation for the natural order of things and find purpose in every experience.

🇺🇸 Serves 2:
💜2 packs of frozen açaí pulp;
💜1 cup Frozen berries 🍒;
💜2 Frozen Bananas 🍌;
💜1/2 tsp Baobab Powder (optional);
💜Bit of nut milk (I use homemade almond milk);

🇧🇷 Serve 2 tigelas:
💜2 polpas de açaí congeladas;
💜1 copo frutas vermelhas congeladas;
💜2 Bananas congeladas;
💜1/2 cc Baobab em pó;
💜Um pouco de leite de amêndoas;

Here is the video recipe for the açaí bowls! A very traditional food in Brazil 🇧🇷! Other than being delicious, its packed with vitamins and is very high in antioxidants. 😋🍧🍒🍌🥥🍓💖 .

I used to eat those all the time with my dad! 😋🥥🍍🍌

I also did it in two different ways. An another classic version and one using pineapple. Very refreshing!

🇺🇸 Ingredients:
🍌2 pouches frozen pure açaí pulp;
🍌2 frozen bananas;
🍌1/2 cup (4oz) coconut water;
🙌🏽Blend all and serve topped with fruits and granola!

🍌2 pouches frozen pure açaí pulp;
🍌1 frozen banana;
🍌2 big slices frozen pineapple (cut into small chunks);
🍌2 Tbsp coconut milk (from a can);
🍌Splash of coconut water (to help blend it);
🙌🏽 Blend all and serve topped with fruits, shredded coconut and oats (I used overnight oats. I simply soaked the oats with a bit of water and a bit of coconut sugar);

Have a great Day!

🇧🇷 Ingredientes:
🍌2 polpas de açaí puro congelada;
🍌2 bananas congeladas;
🍌1/2 xícara de água de coco;
🍌 Bata tudo no liquidificador e sirva com frutas e granola!

🍌2 polpas de açaí pura congelada;
🍌1 banana congelada;
🍌2 fatias grandes de abacaxi congelado (cortado em pequenos pedaços);
🍌 2 colheres de sopa de leite de coco (de uma lata);
🍌 Um pouco de água de coco (para ajudar a misturá-lo);
🙌🏽 Bata tudo no liquidificador e sirva com frutas, coco ralado e aveia (usei aveia hidratada da noite pro dia. Simplesmente molhei a aveia com um pouco de água e um pouco de açúcar de coco);

Tenha um ótimo Dia!