310 Nutrition Organic & Vegan Best Flavors

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What’s your favorite flavor of smoothie? 😋

Chocolate or Salted Caramel?😋

Those are my favorite flavors that I always have in my pantry!

@310nutrition is my favorite protein shake. They are organic, vegan and they taste really good! I love adding this protein to my breakfast smoothies with nut milks and frozen bananas or other frozen fruits. Using frozen fruits makes the smoothie like an ice cream texture.

You guys probably know already, but for the new people who are passing by today, here are some of my favorite things about their shakes:

🙌🏽 Helps to curb your sugar cravings;
🌱 Organic & Vegan protein;
🥥 Packed with vitamins and probiotics;
🤤 It taste delicious!
💪🏽 Perfect for meal replacement for those who are looking to lose weight and get fit.

These are chocolate with orange and banana salted caramel! Soooo good!

Recipe on my food page @tatytable 🍫🍊

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