KULCBD Skin Care

My new morning routine with a natural and cruelty free CBD skin care! I’m so happy to partner up with KULCBD🌱💆🏻‍♀️
I love when I find vegan and natural skin care. They are an innovative luxury CBD health and beauty line on the market.

Unlike other skincare brands, KULCBD is classified as a cosmeceutical line because of it’s power-packed active ingredients. The minimal ingredient lists, with higher doses, give you the same results, with less product and skincare steps required.

All of the KULCBD product formulations contain Full Spectrum CBD (hemp extract) with probiotics along with potent antioxidants, vitamins, micro-algae, exfoliants, and nourishing oils that provide instantaneous rejuvenating results. ✨ No other CBD skincare line contains the combination of CBD and probiotics topically! I never thought about covering my skin with probiotics! That’s very new for me.

💧You only need a few steps to achieve a glowing and healthier skin:

  3. GLÖ SERUM; (Yep! The last step you finish with serum!);

🙌🏽 Go to the link to find out more about this awesome brand:

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