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I am from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Since I was a child, watching actors perform on TV and on stage have inspired me to become an actress.

As my passion blossomed throughout the years, I decided to attend a 4-year theater college at Anhembi Morumbi University and a 3-year acting course for TV and Cinema at Wolf Maya. While studying, I became a member of a theatre group called Cia. Hojerizah, now called Escola Artaud, where I volunteered as an actress and I was hired as an acting coach.

Soon, I was performing several times on stage and in short films, including JULIE directed by Sergio Minehira who cast Johnas Oliva and I as the lead actors. The short film won several awards in film festivals, including best actors. Eventually, I also won a scholarship to Fatima Toledo Studios, a very well know school run by Fatima Toledo, director and acting coach who’s credits include her famous film CIDADE DE DEUS (CITY OF GOD), by coming in first place with a monologue that I performed, called 4:48h Psicose by Sarah Kane.

Thanks to these opportunities, gaining more knowledge and experience as an actress, I was selected out of 160 people to participate in Margie Haber’s acting program, where my life magically changed. Margie gave me the opportunity to come to Los Angeles, where I started all over again. To be able to do her workshop, I had to learn English in five months. After her course had ended, I decided to stay in Los Angeles to continue my career. Since then, I’ve been booking acting jobs in commercials, short and feature films, and theater groups like The Whitefire Theatre Company, where I was a member for 3 years.

Later on, I started building my connections with casting directors and taking classes again. I passed through BGB Studios, where I met Caroline Liem, casting director and associate from CSA, and continued to Village Studios where she continued to teach with other casting directors. 

I received amazing opportunities to work on big sets, be a part of film festivals, and be part of an independent film-making team named Rogue Division, whom every year are a part of the 48 Hour Film Project and have won several awards. Their films I have appeared in include: The Perplexing Case of the Perfectly Planned Pool Party, VestiCon 2019 , Corações em Fogo , as well as some short films that we created while in quarantine.

I am now an active actress at Voxx Studios dubbing voice-over projects into Portuguese. My latest project on Netflix, THE BABYSITTERS CLUB, I gave my voice for the role of JESSI RAMSEY played by Anais Lee, to premiere on Netflix Brasil.

Thanks to my perseverance and hard work, I’ve become an inspiration to friends, family and to everyone with whom I’ve worked with in Brazil.

If you want to learn more about me, I continue to post and share all of my experiences past, present, and future on my social media to inspire new actors to follow their dreams!


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